Word Bird’s Blog

March 7, 2017

If you’ve decided to find a reading tutor, you’ve realized that learning to read is a critical skill and that your child needs additional help. At Word Bird Reading, I consider myself a resource to both the struggling reader I tutor and his or her family. I know that, usually, when a child struggles in school, everyone else in the family is stressed as well, especially around homework time or getting out the door for school in the morning.

With the answers to the following questions, I can better understand your child and craft a more effective tutoring program. What school subjects, other than reading, does your child do well in? Are there any special topics or areas of interest? What other activities or sports does your child particularly enjoy? Does your child show anxiety about reading, school, or homework? How? What does your child’s classroom teacher say about your child’s school performance, especially reading? Has your child been tested for a language-based learning disability? Is your child at or below grade-level proficiency in reading? What is your child’s preferred learning style (auditory, visual, kinesthetic/action-oriented, etc.)?

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